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Hide something in plain sight. It’s attractive, functional furniture. But it has a secret. Our innovative CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Bookcase features a hidden pull-out drawer for hiding guns or important valuables. Burglars and other bad guys rifle through drawers. They look for safes. They don’t check for hidden compartments in your furniture. With a dark cherry wood veneer, it’s as attractive as it is functional. So, what have you got to hide? Please remember, the value in this item is in its ability to conceal and provide quick access to the contents. Be cautious about who knows of the secret compartment or how to open. Contents of all kinds can be stored, but this is not designed to replace a safe and is not child or fireproof. We encourage you to make sure this is the best place to store your valuables and, if you are using for firearms, strongly recommend you are aware of your local laws and regulations and use appropriate safety precautions during storage. Slide-out compartment; Felt-lined concealment drawer; Medium-density fiberboard and wood veneer; Dark cherry finish; Assembly required; Concealment Area: 24″ x 13″ x 2″h.; Overall Dimensions: 29″ x 16″ x 72″h.; Weighs 105 lbs., ships in 2 boxes; CASTLECREEK Gun Concealment Bookcase

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